Wodonga Dog Rescue is now looking for members.

Why become a WDR member?
Because you will help to save many great dogs from certain death.

We have a small membership fee.
This is a small amount, but an enormous help to save the dogs!

As a member you will be emailed our newsletter, which will contain information about the dogs that we have rehomed and any
upcoming events, meetings or news. You will also be covered by our insurance. You will be invited to our annual meeting and be able to have a say in what we do and how we do it.

If you wish to be an active member you may consider being a foster carer, dog walker, BBQ cooker or gift wrapper.
The list goes on!

If you have been considering getting involved, now is the perfect time.
Whether you want to be a financial supporter, or an active member helping us care for dogs as a full time or short term foster carer, or even walk some dogs that are in care, please contact us now.


For more information email our secretary on
Download the membership form here

Thank you –

from all of us at Wodonga Dog Rescue

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