I am here waiting for you.
Do you think of me?
I am here waiting for you.
Can you set me free?

I somehow lost my home.
I’m not sure of folks I meet.
I found myself alone,
Lost and frightened on the street.

I tried to make some friends,
But was shooed and pushed away.
Is this the way it ends,
Just another stray?

So much danger on the air!
My presents brings on fear!
Not welcome anywhere!
People run when I get near!

Picked up by the dog cops
and put in a foster home.
The food and care are really tops
but still so alone.

I wont take too much space.
Just a small room in your heart.
A teeny, tiny place,
Where I can make a start.

No I’m not a cute little puppy,
But I wont pee upon your floor.
I just need someone to love me.
Please open up the door.

I am here waiting for you.
Where ever can you be?
I am here waiting for you.
Can you spare some love for me?

– Judith D. Steele





And please don’t forget………
Vaccinate your Mate


Wodonga Dog Rescue would like to thank all the wonderful people that
choose to adopt & not shop.
On these pages you will find some very happy rehomed dogs!
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To the good people at Wodonga Dog Rescue,
Just thought I should send you an update on Biscuit.

I cannot express how well she has fitted in with us, and our elderly Border Collie Mishka. She is the absolute perfect dog for us; playful, loving, loyal and very smart.

She has so much personality, and always has a grin on her face. I have attached a few photos of her, going for a car ride, kissing our other dog Mishka, and sleeping in her favourite spot – on top of the barbecue.

She seems very happy with us, and for the most part is very well behaved, and learning quickly. She loves going for long walks, swimming, playing with other dogs, chasing birds and playing with fluffy dog toys.

We are so thankful you found her, and that she has joined our little family. Thankyou,


ohh we are all soo in LOVE with Karl. He is an amazing and smart little guy!

Karl’s been out and about a lot with us in the last week, and he really does take everything in his stride. We’ve decided to do doggy classes in a couple of weeks for my daughter (and me) to feel more confident and consistent as handlers, and so that we don’t muck up all the great work you’ve done with him!  

I’m absolutely loving having him around. Funnily enough, he makes me feel like I need to stop and relax, hang out on the couch and just sit and read my book with him. Such a nice and unexpected bonus!

My daughter is so happy and she adores having him sleep on her bed. He snuggles really close to her which of course she loves.

All in all it’s going much better than I ever could have anticipated! Thanks to you, your family and all your work, love and kindness to Karl.


We absolutely love her, she’s just beautiful and I think Milla is thinking that also!

They are getting along very well, sleeping together, laying in front of the fire and out in the sun, walking well on the lead together and playing and sharing toys.

We think she is settling in very well and we can’t believe how well behaved she is! 

We’ve never seen a dog eat their food so quickly [ha-ha] and she defiantly has those staffy traits… lol… lucky we are used to them!

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