Wodonga Dog Rescue is always in need for foster carers.

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How do I become a foster carer?
Contact Wodonga Dog Rescue. We will perform a yard check; to ensure that your yard is secure. We will also asses your situation and what kind of dog(s) is suited to you, your family and your lifestyle.
We will also ask you to fill out a foster carer form, and become a member of Wodonga Dog Rescue. Becoming a member means that you will be covered by insurance.

How long will I have to care for a dog for?
That is really up to you. Some dogs are in our care for a very short time, others have been known to be in our care for over a year. 
Some people choose to care for dogs for the rest of their life, knowing what a permanent foster carer can mean for the dogs in need.
Others know that they will only be in the area short term (short term job placement for example) and would love a pet, but are unable to make the long term commitment that a pet requires.
We also desperately need weekend carers, who can foster dogs for us for 1-2 nights a week every now and then. These short term foster carers also make such a huge difference.

Do I have to pay for vet care?
No. All veterinary treatment & medication for the dog(s) is covered by Wodonga Dog Rescue.
You will not need to outlay costs for the treatment of the dog in your care.

Do I have to pay for feeding the dog?
Yes. At the moment all foster carers for Wodonga Dog Rescue are responsible for the feeding of the dog(s) in their care. HOWEVER, thanks to MARS and other donators we often to have food available. This food will always be handed out to foster carers. There are also some pet food supplies stores that offer discounted food to Wodonga Dog Rescue foster carers.

Will I have to train a dog?
Some of the dogs that come into care have very little to no basic manners or training.  All dogs, while in care, should be trained in the basics, sit, stay, to walk on a lead etc.
Some of the dogs that come into our care have fantastic manners and training, and just need somewhere to live, be safe & cared for while they wait for their new forever home.


Thank you –

from all of us at Wodonga Dog Rescue

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