I am here waiting for you.
Do you think of me?
I am here waiting for you.
Can you set me free?

I somehow lost my home.
I’m not sure of folks I meet.
I found myself alone,
Lost and frightened on the street.

I tried to make some friends,
But was shooed and pushed away.
Is this the way it ends,
Just another stray?

So much danger on the air!
My presents brings on fear!
Not welcome anywhere!
People run when I get near!

Picked up by the dog cops
and put in a foster home.
The food and care are really tops
but still so alone.

I wont take too much space.
Just a small room in your heart.
A teeny, tiny place,
Where I can make a start.

No I’m not a cute little puppy,
But I wont pee upon your floor.
I just need someone to love me.
Please open up the door.

I am here waiting for you.
Where ever can you be?
I am here waiting for you.
Can you spare some love for me?

– Judith D. Steele





And please don’t forget………
Vaccinate your Mate


Wodonga Dog Rescue would like to thank all the wonderful people that
choose to adopt & not shop.
On these pages you will find some very happy rehomed dogs!
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He’s very much settled in, and is doing very well.
Obedience was a slightly more productive affair today, in comparison to last week, and he’s doing well…especially considering how slack I’ve been in regards to practising with him! Oops!

He’s very much attached to me and follows me pretty much everywhere when I’m home, regardless of whom else is home. But then when I’m not there, he hangs out with whoever is home and is happy to have the love. He has started sleeping upstairs outside my door at the top of the stairs, when he decides it’s time for bed, he takes himself off upstairs and that’s it. I got ditched last night for bed, and when I went upstairs he was all curled up. He doesn’t move all night, and comes in to make sure I’m getting up when my alarm goes off, because he knows it means he’s going to get a walk.

All in all, he’s doing so well and I absolutely love having him with me. It’s really nice to have the company on the nights when I’m home, and it’s been good for me too because he’s got me into a new routine of walking each day before work – the wake-up is a bit of a struggle, but once we’re up and going, it’s actually really nice, especially with the warmer weather! We actually got to see a little bit of sunrise this morning!


My partner Mike and I feel very lucky to have such a great dog.

Last Sunday Diesel went to German Shepherd School for the first time.
He did very well in the Puppy Class and will be upgraded into Class 1 in 2 weekends from now already.

With the little dog it is becoming more like mates each day.
Keenan protects Diesel fiercely where ever we go.
If I ask Diesel to play gentler, he does so always.

Thank you, and Kind Regrads


 Hi, it’s now 2 weeks today since I collected Lily (Dora) and she’s settled in really well.

She’s loving her beach walks – heaps of play without dogs + retrieving and swimming.

Thank you once again. I am so happy to have Lily!

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